Limited Edition: KOI Candle

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Eucalyptus | Hemp | Citrus

Our limited edition KOI tribute candle is a reminder to cherish every moment with those you love. A vibrant summer blend of eucalyptus, hemp, and citrus, KOI is at once invigorating, yet steadfast, perfectly infusing your day with energy and joy.

The KOI candle was designed to honor our loved one Chris who tragically passed away at the hands of gun violence this past spring. 50% of net proceeds from KOI candle sales will go to 100 MALES TO COLLEGE, a Massachusetts-based initiative dedicated to college readiness and retention among young Black and Latinx men.

Each 10oz Black, matte vessel contains 7.5 ounces of wax and custom-blended fragrance, along with sleek wooden wicks. 70-80 hours of burn time each.